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Accountability: January 2023

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

With so much going on this year, I need something to help motivate me and keep me accountable. I plan on sharing updates towards the end of each month to both inform and track my progress on various projects.


My editing is currently taking a bit of a back seat to my writing. I will still be taking on editing work, but will be limiting my spots. I also will not be advertising my editing business as much. Instead that time will be spent writing or with my family.

The Adventurer's Guides

I started serializing the first book of my adventurer's guide series back in December of last year. I wanted to give readers a chance to follow along with the progress and give them the opportunity to access the story early, as I write each part. It will be revised, edited, and published as a completed book when I am completely done with the story. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter, where I will be sharing publishing updates, release dates, and beta opportunities.

This project is going to be a series of semi-standalone connected novels following members of an adventuring party. The first two are in various stages of planning or drafting, with more to come. I will also be posting polls and other tidbits about the various characters on social media, so be sure to give me a follow and interact there as well. I love hearing from potential fans!

Other Planned Works

Although I have a fairly impressive backlog of stories I could be working on, for now I am focused on two: a dragon shifter romance (little to no 'spice') and a series loosely inspired by my table top roleplaying group's campaign and backstories. I hope to start serializing these later this year.

Family Life and Hobbies

We will be entering birthday season soon, with birthdays in March and April. We also have a bit of travel planned.

Me and my husband also introduced my in-laws and our oldest child to DnD and we play weekly. I am learning to DM while they are learning to play. It has been tons of fun!

I plan on starting dice making soon and working on some cosplay stuff. I also knit and crochet sometimes while brainstorming. Look for pictures of my endeavors in future updates! I look forward to sharing them with everyone.

I am also working on getting evaluated for ADHD, and hope that with answers and proper treatment it will help my productivity and focus.

Have a wonderful February, check back in later.


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