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Accountability: February 2023 (late)

Correction from January- got the year wrong.

Life has been kicking my butt lately. I meant to write this over two weeks ago, but we have been dealing with illness from at least 1 family member every week for a long time now. I have gotten behind on a lot of things.

I also had a baby shower to attend for a niece and my own kiddo's second birthday to celebrate.

I also recently got diagnosed with "severe" combined type ADHD and hope that getting treatment with help my productivity and focus.

Real life aside, here is what has been going on with my writing recently, as well as my plans moving forward.

The Adventurer's Guide series

I had a small buffer build for myself, but now that is down to two episodes. I plan on reevaluating the outline for book/ season 1 so I can hopefully get episodes out quickly and built that backlog back up. I want to start outlining the second book at the same time and perhaps decide whose story I want to tell after that.

I have at least two short stories planned from the same universe that will be newsletter exclusive. Sign up today if you don't want to miss those!

Troupe of Bug series

This is my brand new series, and as of today the first episode of book 1 is live on both Laterpress and Vella. The series itself will be the standalone, interconnected backstories based on my gaming group's current campaign before telling the story of the campaign itself. This is done with the enthusiastic support and approval of said gaming group.

Book 1 is entitled Oathsworn and is the backstory of my halfling paladin and the warlock she is sworn to protect. It is very much a work of love and I am excited to share it with you all.

Future Plans

There are a few things I am working on/ need to do:

  • Revamp website to include Troupe of Bug

  • Take some marketing and writing courses

  • Build backlogs for both serials

  • Work on newsletter

As you all can see, I have a lot going on. Wish me luck

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