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Editing Services

I offer a free sample up to 1,000 words for all levels of editing, not applicable to short stories, flash fiction, or poetry.

Each of the higher level packages also include proofreading.

 Contact me to book your package.

I require half up front for new clients. 

Interested in my services but don't have the budget? Contact me, I am willing to occasionally offer payment plans or custom packages to fit any budget. ​


Prices Start at $0.01/ Word

  • Basic checks for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Line Editing

Prices Start at $0.02/ Word

A check of style, language, and content. I will point out sections with pacing issues, inconsistent style, and overused words or phrases.

Developmental Editing

Prices Start at $0.03/ Word

A check of the entire work looking at narrative, characters, and story arcs to assess what could be improved before publication or querying.

Editing: Features
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