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Troupe of Bug Book 1

Abandoned as a baby, Kithri has never known life outside the temple walls. Her swaddle held no clues to her parents or origin, but she can't help but feel she was meant for more than a contemplative life. When a young nobleman is turned down by the head priestess, Kithri sees a chance to find meaning. She makes an oath to help him, too strong for even the temple to break.

Lord Caden Summergem refuses to rest until he recovers his missing sister. He's tried every avenue for aid, even the temple, to no avail. Unfazed, he turns to dark forces. Moments after he seals the pact Kithri, a temple acolyte, vows to assist him. Binding himself to a devil was one thing, but how can he let this stranger share his fate?

Kickstarter launching October 2023.

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